Saturday, June 23, 2012

a Little Inspiration

It's been a HOT month in Texas! Whew! In spite of all the hiccups we've had (the moving company lost the table legs, couch cushions, and crib mattress, among other lost and damaged items) this has been a great move.

Thursday The Hubby interviewed with the Tarrant County College system and was offered an Adjunct Faculty position teaching PoliSci. This position is ideal for him.  He still keeps his very cool day job, but once or twice a week, he gets to do something he LOVES.

We all have our hobbies.  His are research, reading and teaching. Yeah, he's that guy in class you know is going to throw the grading curve.  

Last night we drove past our lot to see it cleared and ready for the foundation to be poured. All of the permits have cleared and now they're just waiting on the weather.

This week I've been finding inspiration for Sissy's room.  She is such a girl. If something is pink or floral, she'll point and say "Dat's MINE!" I've been letting her thumb through some of my pinterest pics. 
We both agree that giant flowers need to be incorporated in her room somehow.

I would LOVE to have a larger than life rose garden for the Little Miss.  Now, to decide how I want to make them...

(Click on images to find source)

Well, since sewing machines and crafty stuff are in storage for the next few months, I guess its ideas and finding inspiration that will have to satisfy this crafter.


Pemberley Court said...

So So cute esp the first pic at the top! Im sure her room will be sweet!

Charmain said...

Thanks Elaine! I can't wait to get started!

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