Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love Letters - a Saved Treasure

While visiting family this weekend, my Mom showed me a stack of 90-year-old Love Letters sent between her mother and father.

I couldn't resist - I had to share.

This darling love letter made my eyes well up for my sweet, love sick, 22 year old Grandmother. She was attending college working on her "Normal Degree" to become a school teacher when she wrote this letter.

My favorite parts:

"I received your dear letter today and altho I am always tickled to death to receive them, this one rather made me sad. Dear I wish I could express my feelings and say to you what I want to in the right way but as long as I can't I guess I had better keep still. Only I was awfully sorry you couldn't or felt you could not come out for Christmas. But dear you know best what you can do."

"I have such a lump in my throat tonight I am afraid if I was talking to you instead of trying to write I would certainly have to stop. Daddie got in last night and believe me it sure seemed good. And O, if my Harold could just have come with him. I just can't tell you how I feel tonight. Half of my time I can't see my paper."

"Please dear let me put my hands in your new overcoat pocket for just a few minutes. Will you let me? Alright."

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