Saturday, September 8, 2012

Add to that walls and a roof...

We've been monitoring the progress on our hour with weekly drive-by's and pictures (when there's something to take a picture of).

So, after weeks, and weeks, and weeks of NO PROGRESS we finally had a foundation!  Yay!

Then, to our surprise, and total excitement, just one week later, the entire house was framed.

Then, one week later - we have a roof!  Well, a roof, and plumbing, and electrical.  They've even hung the backdoor and put a couple of tubs in the bathrooms!

I love the long arched entry and hallway that leads straight out to the back of the house. 

It's been so fun to see the progress of the house, especially the last few weeks.  Hopefully scheduling the upcoming electrical inspections won't delay that progress for too long.  Maybe we'll see drywall in the next week or two?!


Pemberley Court said...

How exciting!!! You are going to be in heaven in your own house!!!

Charmain said...

Thanks, Elaine! You know, there are still a handful of lots left in the development if you want to make the move to Texas!

Linda Wise said...

You don’t make houses overnight! Hehe. In fact, great things are made not by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. What matters most is that slowly and surely, there’s a progress in your house construction. By the way, I wonder what type of roof you used. How’s everything now?

-Linda Wise